Spotlight on Designer Sareh Nouri

Spotlight on Designer Sareh Nouri. Mobile Image

Jan 30, 2015

SarehNouriAll2   2015 is off to a great start and we are fortunate to keep expanding our stock of high-end designer gowns. Just weeks ago we welcomed Sareh Nouri to our salon, and today we are going to show her and her gowns off a bit.   Sareh Nouri is an Iranian born designer now located in Northern Virginia who got her start designing bridal gowns while in search of her own dream dress. The struggles she had on that search and the subsequent decision to design her own gown all inform her decisions now as a designer. In building her collection she spent lots of time one-on-one with brides and has a real understanding of what goes into finding and making the kinds of gowns dreams are made of.   SarehNouriAll1   Her creations are elegant, sophisticated, and ethereal. The fit and construction are phenomenal and they certainly turn heads. They have an Old World quality to them without being old fashioned. They evoke the echoes of the past in a halo of tulle and fine lace. They make the wearer stand a little straighter, her shoulders back, her head held high holding her royal mantle. Regal, majestic, and simply stunning, we are so happy to welcome gowns from her collection to our salon.   {Lindsey}