Special Style Event Going on Now!

Special Style Event Going on Now!. Mobile Image

Jul 27, 2016

Today I get a chance to share news about a really wonderful style event that is going on now through Sunday at Betsy Robinsons Bridal. The event features two of our most popular designers, Watters and Essense of Australia and it will be giving special focus to a variety of shapes and sizes.   Bridal gowns run notoriously small when compared to what most of us are used to wearing and to compound the problem, most designers send very small sample sizes out to bridal salons. This can make finding the perfect gown more stressful than it needs to be. And thats why I am so excited about the next few days. We will have a really good selection of gowns in anything from a size four to a size twenty-four with additional sizes available. We will have some of the newest trendiest gowns from these top designers in sizes that will make every bride feel beautiful and confident. Lace, tulle, fitted, a-line, separates, beaded, you name it. We have had these gowns since last weekend, but we are holding on to them a little bit longer just for all of you. Over the past few days it has been wonderful to see so many different brides have so many different options to try on.   We are always eager to be able to accommodate more and more brides and this weekends style event is a great way to do that. Both Watters and Essense of Australia have been driving forces behind increasing the range of sample sizes available in stores and they are as committed as we are to finding the perfect fit for every bride. I hope you will join us in the coming days to participate in this great style event that we hope will become a growing trend.   Curve_SP15_WEB_13708_018_a Curve_SP15_WEB_14715_002_a {Lindsey}