Something for Pet Lovers

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Oct 18, 2013

Weddings are great ways to honor the people who are most important to the couple getting married. Who will walk the bride down the aisle? Who gets a special mention in the program? Who gets a seat of honor in the front row? For most people close friends, siblings, parents and grandparents occupy these positions, but for a couple on the less traditional side their pets make the perfect people. Pets play just as much a role in the cultivation of a relationship as the two people involved. In fact, many couples form a sort of family with themselves and their pets long before they are even married. Why not then give that pet, that member of the family a position of honor at the wedding? We love the trend of including pets and there are so many ways to do it. They can be in the engagement photos, they can hold a sign with the wedding date for the save the dates, they can carry the ring down the aisle, they can greet guests as they make their way into the reception, or they can pose with guests for candid photographs. So have fun with your big day and include the people and animals most important to you. Just be sure to clear the furry friends with your venue!   89f4cdddfa13dff345b15872c656bd32