Simple Ways to Incorporate St. Patrick's Day Details into Your Wedding

Simple Ways to Incorporate St. Patrick's Day Details into Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Mar 15, 2017

St. Patricks Day is this weekend and while many of you will be celebrating with a green beer or a pub-crawl, others will be hitting the dance floor at a wedding. Im always a big proponent of planning weddings around holidays; it gives your celebration a little extra oomph and also provides a nice little template for your theme and décor. The danger of course with planning your wedding around a holiday is that it can easily slip into a chintzy theme party rather than an elegant soiree. The key to avoiding the pitfalls of a holiday-timed wedding is to use the holiday for inspiration rather than the focus. With that in mind here are several ways to incorporate fun details into a St. Patricks Day wedding.   st. patricks day   Shades of Green and Gold This first one is pretty easy. St. Patricks Day provides you with a pretty rigid and obvious color palette, but in order to keep your wedding party from looking like participants in a town parade stick to deeper shades of green. Dark emeralds will look classy, elegant and flatter any skin tone. Put your Maid of Honor in a gold sequin gown and voila! Youll have a nice mix and match bridal party that evokes the holiday without screaming it.   Simple Details Its really tempting to turn everything into a shamrock or a pot of gold, but be light-handed with the décor and details. Perhaps simple white flowers in gold vases, or white tablecloths with gold runners. For place cards try textured white cards with black calligraphy and a little horseshoe. Its ok to be a little understated with your theme because remember, youre throwing a wedding, not a St. Patricks Day part-ay.   Shamrock Shakes and Other Drinks If you want to let loose though, food and drinks are the perfect outlet. Green food is totally acceptable and practically required. Everything from French macaroons to signature cocktails to the famous shamrock shake will all add a lighthearted touch of fun to the festivities. All of these things are a great way to incorporate the holiday into your big day, and its ok if theyre a little cheesy because theres just something about a green beer or a shamrock shake that just makes people happy.   Cheers to that. {Lindsey}