Shop the Newest Dresses from Watters & WToo This Weekend!

Shop the Newest Dresses from Watters & WToo This Weekend!. Mobile Image

May 03, 2017

Its Almost time for Watters Weekend! Ever since I started working at Betsy Robinsons Bridal, the most highly anticipated weekends have always been Watters Weekends. The mood changes, the air electrifies, and we find ourselves reinvigorated by the fact that yeah, we pretty much get to play dress-up all day long. As we unbox the brand new gowns we get excited to see them in-person and up-close. Part of this excitement is because we lay eyes on them before just about every other salon in the country, but its also indicative of the aura surrounding Watters.   This coming weekend you can be a part of that excitement by making an appointment for the trunk show. You can count yourself among the very first brides to shop the newest collection of Watters, WToo and Willowby gowns that just debuted on the New York Runway. You may have already begun to stalk them on social media, but you wont be finding them in stores for some time. That is, except here. This weekend. Not only will you get to see the newest bridal gowns, but you can also shop the newest bridesmaid dresses. Youll find sequins and floral and vintage throwback elegance with a modern twist.     More than that youll find that Watters has something for everyone. They get it. They get bridal and they get brides. From the sandy beaches of a boho wedding to the vaulted ceilings of a grand cathedral, theyve got the gown to turn heads and take away breaths.   Sometimes finding a bridal gown is an instinctual expedition; you know it when you find it. Watters weekends make that experience easy because they provide such a wide variety and such a great selection. From lace and tulle to beading and illusion and from ballgown to fit and flare and all that lies between there are so many looks encapsulated in one magical weekend.   So we invite you to join us this weekend, May 5th-7th to shop the newest gowns and from racks of gorgeous gowns find the one that seems to flutter in the light and call your name. Call 410.484.4600 to make your Appointment. {Lindsey}