September Feature Bride

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Sep 03, 2014

10157233_2189352013205_4182870827887729297_n   Wow, its September already and time for our feature bride of the month. Kim Droege and her fiancĂ© Cory McLaughlin are tying the knot on September 19th at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. Like all great love stories, theirs began in ninth grade history class and they have been together for almost eight years. Their proposal took place in airport baggage claim in what could probably be described as the climactic and sweet end to a romantic comedy. They are now no doubt counting down the days until their beach themed wedding and we are counting down with them. Kim's favorite part of being engaged has been planning her future and balancing wedding plans with house plans and furniture. It's truly an exciting time of hustle and bustle and I hope all of our brides enjoy all of it. Again I will check in with the couple as the day gets nearer, but by way of introduction I wanted to ask Kim about what is was like picking out her gown. It was shockingly easy. I went to Betsy Robinson's with my mom and two best friends. They helped gather dresses for me to try on. I was so overwhelmed and wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for. The first dress- I liked, but it wasn't the one. The second dress was beautiful and everyone loved it. I decided to keep trying on the rest of the dresses to see if there were any others I liked more. Nope. The second dress was it and I could not be happier with it! Can't wait to see the dress and get all the details on the big day!   10306646_2189353293237_1071085874167459089_n     Interested in being a Betsy Robinson's Feature Bride? We'd love to have you! Please email Lindsey at   Hooray {Lindsey}