Rubber Stamps & You

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Jul 02, 2015

rubber stamp   I was very much a DIY bride; I made just about everything short of the wedding cake because I enjoyed doing it, but DIY is not for everyone. Its extremely time-consuming for one thing, and if you arent a crafty type of person it can be really frustrating. You just want to get married, right? You dont want to learn how to make origami paper flowers in seventeen steps. You dont want to have to operate a band saw and power tools to make your own custom wedding marquee, do you? Its a nice thought, but it isnt very practical, and it wont save you any stress or much money.   But you know what will? Rubber stamps. I swear by the use of rubber stamps for weddings and plain old everyday life. You can add a personal touch in a second with a little rubber stamp. Think about it; you can make personalized table numbers, place cards, menus, programs and signage with just a couple of rubber stamps and some nice looking paper. The opportunities are limitless and the skill level is pretty minimal; even an uneven or half-stamped stamp has a certain handmade charm.   And rubber stamps are everywhere. You can find some pretty useful ones that say things like Thank You and Happily Ever After in the dollar bin at Michaels, or you can find some fun and funky ones for less than ten dollars at the Paper Source. You can even get a little fancy and go on Etsy and order custom rubber stamps from some truly gifted artists. Whichever way you do it you will be able to make your wedding your own, and you will have the pride and satisfaction of actually making something without all the headache.   In the weeks before my wedding I was wracking my brain for a clever escort card idea. I really wanted to be cute and clever. I was feeling a lot of pressure from the internet to give everyone a miniature potted plant, but then I found a Converse shoe stamp and I didnt feel the pressure to be cute and clever. I knew that all I had to do was cut some squares of paper, stamp the shoe in the corner, write each name neatly and call it a day. Most of the guests would understand the significance of the shoes in our love story and they would find it sufficiently cute and clever. More importantly I knew that guests would look at the little rubber-stamped Converse shoe and proclaim it was so us."   Thats all youre really after, isnt it?   {Lindsey}