A Royal Wedding Review

A Royal Wedding Review. Mobile Image

May 24, 2018

I set somewhere between 5 and 10 alarms on Saturday morning to make sure that I was up in time to catch every minute of the royal wedding coverage. I hit the snooze a few times, so I did miss the entrances of some of the most famous guests. Luckily, I still had enough time to make scones from scratch as I listened to the commentators hypothesize on what tiara Meghan would be wearing.     I never considered myself much of a royal enthusiast. I didnt, after all, throw a party, or bake a cake. I didn't endlessly speculate on what the wedding gown would like look. And yet, when I heard the broadcasters announce that the Rolls Royce was on the move from the hotel to the church, I raced from the kitchen into my living room to catch the first glimpse of the beautiful bride.   And then I burst into tears.   Im not ashamed. Weddings are emotional, and Meghan simply looked so beautiful that Im sure she drove a great many people to tears. As I watched the Rolls wind through the lush British countryside from the comfort of my rain-soaked apartment, I realized they could not have bought a better day with the entire royal fortune.     The royal wedding was as extravagant and full of fanfare as anyone was expecting. The gown the now Duchess of Sussex wore was demure, elegant, and utterly majestic.     And that veil! The way it cascaded down the steps of the church, thats what a veil should look like, and thats why you wear one. It almost stole the show, and I could hardly take my eyes off of it.   The hats were big, and the fascinators fascinating. The Queens bright chartreuse ensemble was a defiant reminder that she will literally outlive us all. Camillas hat was wonderfully absurd, and I want to find out how to get a pair of Elton Johns pink tinted glasses.   The choir performance was emotional and stirring, and all signs point to a new way of doing things in the royal family with Meghan and Harry leading the charge.     The wedding was nearly everything I expected of a royal wedding, and yet it was the ordinary moments that were the most touching. It was Prince William and Prince Harry walking en route to the church looking like just a couple of brothers. Harry, aside from his regal uniform, looked like any groom. He looked nervous! Hes a prince and he looked nervous. It was magical because it was actually so ordinary.   The way that Meghans mother looked at her adoringly during the vows, the way that Harry and Meghan whispered to each other at the start of the ceremony. The knowing glances and quick smiles they gave one another.     All these things were completely ordinary, present at just about any wedding youll ever attend, and yet they are what made the royal wedding worth watching. At the heart of it all, the reason you watch is because two people agreed to stand before pretty much the entire world and say I love you. No matter who you are, thats magical, noble, regal, and royal.   Cheers! {Lindsey}