Resources for Brides Affected by COVID-19 and a Word from Betsy

Resources for Brides Affected by COVID-19 and a Word from Betsy

Resources for Brides Affected by COVID-19 and a Word from Betsy. Mobile Image

Mar 17, 2020

Its hard not to be disheartened by the news lately. The news, social media, it's all depressing. Its hard to know how to react, especially for me, since I love to overreact. I feel like Im showing some real restraint in not buying extra toilet paper. I'm also buoyed by people who are showing some real resilience.

And those people are our brides and bridal community. These are uncertain times for everyone. For those who have had a wedding postponed, they are all the more stressful. I cant imagine having to rescheduled my wedding, and my heart, all our hearts, go out to those who have.

Of course the silver lining is the solidarity the bridal world has shown. Vendors, venues, planers and designers are all working their hardest to help brides. We want to do our part too. Here are a few words from Betsy as well as some helpful resources.

A Word from Betsy

Your inbox is by now full of updates about COVID-19 and the measured that your favorite brands and stores are taking to ensure everyones safety.

We are no different. Our concerns are the same as everyone elses: we want our customers and staff to stay safe and healthy.

We have taken steps to ensure this by cleaning and sanitizing fitting rooms and common areas at increased rates. Anyone not feeling well is encouraged to stay home, but we remain dedicated to serving our brides and their friends and family.

We also want to reassure everyone that we are keeping a close eye on delivery dates.

If you have not purchased your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses yet, you can expect delays, but thats why were here.

We are here to help dress you for your wonderful wedding. We have connections to designers, and a store full of gorgeous dresses, and we will make your wedding dreams come true.

If Your Wedding is Postponed

At a time when COVID-19 has affected so many in our bridal community we would like to offer sources of information for those in need. There are so many weddings that need to be postponed and rescheduled, and we understand how stressful and overwhelming that must be.

But again, we are here to help. We are all here to help each other. Both the Knot and Wedding Wire have set up hotlines and email accounts to help brides whose weddings have been cancelled. On a local level, Baltimore Weddings is also offering help in communicating with vendors and venues.

We also encourage anyone in our Betsy Bride family to reach out to our followers on Facebook and Instagram to share information that other brides might find helpful.

If you are a Betsy Bride whose wedding has been pushed back, please know that your gown is safe with us and you can always reach out if you have questions."


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