Registry Items You Will Actually Use

Registry Items You Will Actually Use. Mobile Image

Jul 02, 2014

Ok, so almost everyone registers for a KitchenAid mixer. Probably because they are cute and adorable and useful and because they are a little more than what people would spend on themselves. They are a perfect wedding gift, but in the world of homemaking, there is so much more out there. Then again, there is too much out there, so I've listed 5 items that I received as gifts that everyone should own or at least upgrade.   end-grain-chopping-boardA Cutting Board A nice butcher block or bamboo cutting board is one of the most useful items you can ever buy. Of course, full disclosure, I spent years chopping vegetables on my kitchen counter, so a cutting board is a sign of my arrival into the adult world.   wusthof-gourmet-12-piece-knife-block-setA Good set of Knives Prior to getting my set of knives I was using a butter knife purchased at Ikea to do the bulk of my cooking, so the concept of having different knives for different foods really changed my kitchen. Whether youre a big time cook or not, knives are something that you will use. At the very least at some point you will eat food that requires a steak knife.   cuisinart-grind-and-brew-thermal-12-cup-coffee-makerA State-of-the-Art Coffee Pot Get one with a timer. The timer is the key. There is nothing better than waking up to a home that is already filled with the wonderful smell of coffee. It makes the stagger to the kitchen much more bearable. If youre not a coffee drinker substitute an electric kettle. It boils water in a matter of minutes and helps make a perfect cup of tea.   2-piece-chip-and-dip-setA Chip and Dip Bowl When you start compiling your registry a lot of stores like to think that youre married life will suddenly involve a lot of large-scale, fancy cocktail parties. Youll start wondering, do we need an ice bucket? What about sherry glasses? What is sherry? Yes, of course you will want to entertain guests more as a couple and yes of course you want to be able to serve them drinks that arent mixed in red solo cups, but a good chip and dip bowl goes a long way, and it wont collect dust along with your crystal champagne flutes.   feather-down-king-pillowBed Pillows There is much to be desired in the world of bedding; sheets with a thread count of more than 100, spare comforters, quilts, throw pillows, throw blankets, but a good pillow ought to reign supreme over all of them. Im sure of course that you already own pillows, but when was the last time they were replaced? And lets be honest, if youre like me, they probably werent all that great to begin with. When I got my new pillows they instantly changed my bed into the most comfortable and relaxing sanctuary in the world.