President's Day

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Feb 16, 2015

Mondays are always difficult days especially in the dead of winter with snowstorms always impending, but thank goodness today is a holiday and we have something to celebrate. Happy Presidents Day! Of course we should be celebrating the former leaders of our country, but why not also celebrate the often trendsetting fashion forward ladies by their side? If you have ever been to the Smithsonian museums exhibit on the First Ladies of the United States then you know what an important part fashion has played in their position throughout history.   No First Lady makes this clearer than Jackie Kennedy. Her smart little suits, her pillbox hats, her matching gloves, all helped make her into the kind of style icon that endures today.   vintage-wedding-dresses-Jackie-Kennedy-jewelry   Just look at her on her wedding day to John F. Kennedy. Long before she was a First Lady she was still the pinnacle of style and grace in her ivory tissue silk gown rumored to require fifty yards of fabric. The off-the-shoulder neckline is striking not just because it shows off her collarbone and her delicate string of pearls, but because it is reminiscent of its time period and at the same time very timeless. Women still covet that perfect off-the- shoulder look. It is at once both carefree and demure.   She seems perched on that fine line between a pretty socialite waiting to have this dance and a woman ready to carry the mantle of marriage. Perhaps that is why this look endures so well; it captures just exactly what it feels like to be a bride and for one day be in that strange and happy place between single girl and wife.   {Lindsey}