Picking Your Wedding Day Jewelry with Help from Thomas Knoell Jewelry Designs

Picking Your Wedding Day Jewelry with Help from Thomas Knoell Jewelry Designs. Mobile Image

Feb 21, 2019

Planning a wedding involves lots of decisions. In fact, you probably didnt realize there were so many decisions that you could make about one single day. But oh how there are!   Choosing your dress is one of the biggest ones that you will make, but its not the only one regarding your look that you have to think about. Theres your hair, your makeup, your nail polish. Theres what shade of lipstick youll wear, or how high your heels will be.   In fact, choosing your bridal gown isnt so much an end point as a gateway. Making that decision leads to another 20 decisions youll need to make about how you look on your wedding day.   Among all those things to consider is what jewelry you want to wear. Your jewelry is important. It shouldnt be an afterthought, and it can be influenced by what type of wedding dress you choose.   Your jewelry is important because it's versatile. The jewelry you wear is the perfect keepsake item to break out on anniversary dinners or other special occasions. These items can even become heirlooms that you pass down to other brides on their wedding day.   Those are all good reasons to make sure you put time and effort into choosing your jewelry.     This weekend Raquel from Thomas Knoell Jewelry Designs will be in store with lots of new jewelry and lots of advice. Shes been in the bridal business for years and she has helped hundreds of brides complete their wedding day look.   Youll get the help of her knowledge and expertise, and you will also get to learn what makes Thomas Knoell jewelry so special. Spoiler alert, a big part of what makes their pieces so special is that you can customize them yourself! You can change the color the metal, the color of the Swarovski crystals, the length of the bracelet, the number of pearls. You name it, it can be changed and Raquel will help you do it.   You end up with beautiful jewelry that sparkles from every angle, compliments your gown and reminds you each time you wear it of your spectacular wedding day.   So if youve yet to pick your wedding day jewelry, let us, and the experts at Thomas Knoell, help you this weekend. To make your appointment call 410.484.4600.   {Lindsey}