The Perfect Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

The Perfect Gifts for Your Bridesmaids. Mobile Image

Nov 27, 2017

Lets face it, your bridesmaids have done a lot for you as you planned your wedding. Theyve sealed envelopes and planned showers. They've flown halfway across the country to don team bride shirts and keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. Theyve greeted and mingled and spent a lot of money for your big day. All of this they did happily. They would do even more if you asked, which is why they deserve a little thank you. Bridal party gifts are a great way to show appreciation for all their hard work. To make sure you get them just right Ive got a few tips on how to pick the perfect ones.   Make it Individual Giving everyone the same monogrammed tote bag is certainly a nice gesture. No one would turn it down, but all your bridesmaids are unique and wonderful individuals who are in your life for unique and wonderful reasons. Doesnt that mean their gifts should be just as unique? I think so. Rather than finding a generic gift that everyone will find space for in the back of their closet, pick a different gift for each person. The gift could be based on their individual interests or favorite colors or maybe on what experiences you and that person shared together.       Get Sentimental You might not want to give everyone a monogrammed item, but you can still make your gift personal and sentimental. Etsy is a great place for this kind of thing. You can find thousands of artists and crafters who can custom make just about anything. From pendants engraved in your own handwriting to throw blankets embroidered with the coordinates of all the locations you have been together. The possibilities are endless., and the emotional pay off is deep.   Pick an Experience Over an Object Are you friends with people who already seem to have everything? Try gifting them an experience instead. A spa package, concert tickets, a gift card to their favorite restaurant are all great examples. A gift like this also helps put the focus on them. It says I know you have given up a lot of time to help make my day special and now I want to make sure you have a special day. That says a lot more than a tote bag, doesnt it?   {Lindsey}