How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress at our Watters, WToo & Willowby Trunk Show

How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress at our Watters, WToo & Willowby Trunk Show. Mobile Image

May 02, 2019

A few weeks ago I was getting fed-up with all the clothes in my closet that either dont fit me, or that I just dont wear anymore. The clever solution that I came up with, after a little Tidying Up inspired action, was of course to buy a whole new wardrobe.   The problem with buying more clothes is that eventually I just end up right back where I started: lots of clothing and not a thing to wear.   So I thought Id try an online subscription in which someone curates some clothes for me instead. I took a very lengthy style quiz and waited with much anticipation for my first round of clothing to arrive. Unfortunately, when my box arrived it confirmed what I had suspected. My style is hard to define. Its hard to enter it into a Pinterest board, and that can make getting inspiration and ideas hard.   Thats a little how I feel about the latest wedding dresses from Watters, WToo and Willowby. You cant look at them and say simply, Oh, thats Boho, or Thats classic, or romantic, or modern.   You cant define the gowns that way because each one is something entirely brand new and entirely its own. They are each a breath of fresh air, but for different reasons. Some are almost architectural in their layering of fabrics and textures. Some are daring, but still manage to be whimsical. The silhouettes are striking and the patterns are bold, but still delicate.     Watters gets it. They understand the modern bride. You're everything. You aren't just one thing that's easy to describe. Your style, like your personality, is not an algorithm, it's a unique vision.   The newest dresses from each collection are here at the salon for two exclusive weekends, and I am so excited to see them in-person. Im also excited for you to see them in-person. Im excited for brides who have been wandering aimlessly in an online desert of choices and still come up empty. Im excited for brides whose personal style doesnt fit in a box.   These dresses are special, and they are here (right now!) waiting for the perfect brides. We still have appointments available for this weekend, so gather up your bridal team and get on in here. Your dream dress may not have existed before, but I have a feeling it exists now, and that's a box you can definitely check.   {Lindsey}