Our Trends and Takeaways from New York Bridal Market

Our Trends and Takeaways from New York Bridal Market. Mobile Image

Apr 24, 2019

Weve finally taken a minute and caught our breath from the whirlwind adventure that is New York Bridal Market. Betsy and our salon manager, Kim, spent a packed few days hoofing it all over the city to bring you the latest and greatest bridal trends.   Each trip to market offers us the chance to see what will be big in bridal in the coming year. Its exciting. What we see on the runway now will be marching slowly down the aisle in just a few months time.   Those of us who dont go to New York, watch the runway shows, pour over the pictures, and hold our breaths a little. Just like our brides, we want to be blown away. We want to see classic trends with a modern twist. We want to see gowns that brides can really wear and look really good in.   This year, as usual, did not disappoint. So take a look at some of the trends and some of the new gowns, and take heart. Your perfect bridal gown might not have existed until now.   Light and Ethereal   Think Goddess, but in a less obvious kind of way. Light, flowy, and ethereal is the order of the day. Its boho, but matured a little. This stunning Enaura gown is a perfect example of that. Its breathy and dewy and fresh. The details are delicate, feminine and youthful. Whether youre getting married in a ballroom or a barn, this ethereal trend can help you transcend time.   Be Bold   Whether its touches of three-dimensional florals, new laces, or a mix of textures, bridal is for the bold these days. This gown here has lots of depth of texture. Dont you just want to reach out and touch it? The 3D floral touches really pop and you just know that from the back of the church to the altar, everyone will see you shine.   Shine On And speaking of shining, unique sparkle really impressed us. These shots here really capture the various ways that designers are adding a little bit of less traditional sparkle to their gowns. I love the bold crystals on the top gowns. I just want to twirl in them and watch the stones catch the light. But the secret sparkle on the bottom gowns is great for brides who want less bling, but aren't looking for totally clean either.         The major takeaway from this Market, and from bridal in general, is that the details make the day. A wedding dress is so much more than just a dress, and each tiny detail reinforces that. We saw intricate, modern beading. We saw layered laces and hints of sparkle. And we also saw the power of editing. Sometimes the most important details are the ones you leave out. So for those looking for clean, classic gowns, have no fear! I'll feature some of our favorite clean gowns next!   {Lindsey}