Here's What Makes the New Maggie Sottero Gowns Special

Here's What Makes the New Maggie Sottero Gowns Special

Here's What Makes the New Maggie Sottero Gowns Special. Mobile Image

Sep 30, 2019

Our Maggie Sottero trunk show starts on Wednesday, and everyone is pretty excited for the dresses to arrive. Its true, we get excited a lot, but its because we love seeing gowns from a variety of designers. We love it because we know our brides love it.

The Perfect Combo of Style & Value

And our brides also love Maggie Sottero. Their dresses, and dresses from their sister line Sottero and Midgley are stylish, versatile and on budget. Trends are important to our brides, but so is value.

With Maggie Sottero, that value is easy to see. Their dresses are well constructed, exquisitely crafted, and expertly designed. For brides that translates into gowns that fit like a glove. When you wear a Maggie Sottero gown youll float down the aisle like water down a river. Your guests will hold their breaths as if they are looking at a natural wonder, and naturally, they are.

Whats also great about Maggie Sottero is that it truly is easy to find a style you love. You can expect to see a lot of variety of styles at our upcoming trunk show. Youll find ballgowns and fitted gowns. You can choose anything from a strapless gown to one with full sleeves. There are open backs, embellished backs, and lots of buttons running from head to toe.  

I also think it's really important that Maggie Sottero gowns give you the option to be daring or modest without sacrificing your wedding day vision. The choice of how covered or uncovered you are in your dress is your choice, and Maggie Sottero lets you make it.

Often times with bridal gowns, it's hard to know what you'll like until you try it on. Sometimes you just don't know your gown until you see it. Other times, you might not know your gown until you begrudgingly try it on to appease someone and turn to face the mirror in total surprise. That means it's a good idea to come with an open mind, and it's even better to shop a trunk show full of variety.

The gowns arrive in-store on Wednesday, and we'll have them through the weekend. If you'd like to make an appointment, please call the salon at 410.484.4600 or fill out a request form here.