OMG Look Who Just Got Engaged Part 2

OMG Look Who Just Got Engaged Part 2. Mobile Image

Feb 12, 2018

For those of you in the know, our very own bridal consultant Ashley Gray, got engaged this fall. We thought it would make the perfect opportunity to follow her journey all the way down the aisle, and get a little insight along the way. Planning a wedding is all about being overwhelmed. Sometimes you are overwhelmed by the daunting logistics. Sometimes you are overwhelmed by prices and opinions. But you also get to be overwhelmed by an outpouring of love and support.     Well stick with Ashley as she tackles all these predicaments. Im already predicting shell be a steady hand and a cool cucumber who can offer some good tips to the rest of us. Here she is in her own words as she tackles the tough questions. When is the wedding?! Have you picked a date?! These are questions I hear  frequently. Very frequently. Now that Martin and I are engaged, its time to start planning. Even though I have been in this business for almost five years, I have struggled with the number one question on every recently engaged brides mind: where do I start? Martin joked, I fully expected you to pick up the phone, call someone and say its on and everything would be done and set and all we had to do was sign the checks. If only it were that easy! The most important thing to me while beginning to plan our wedding was exactly that, it is our wedding. His input is just as important in the planning process as mine is. The day is about us and our love and commitment to each other. So we sat down and began to talk seasons. He prefers colder rather then warmer and Ive always dreamed of a Christmas wedding. And just like that we made our first decision. A winter wedding in 2019. With a season and a year decided it was time to start thinking where. I started looking up hundreds of venues. New ones pop up all the time and the task seemed never-ending. I called and emailed. I asked about dates, prices, amenities. But then Martin pointed out a key problem with my research. We have not even decided on a budget. (Duh! Cue forehead smack). Weddings these days are pricey. How can you even begin to start planning without first deciding on a budget? I began to realize even I needed some direction. Back to the budget. Back to money, the subject everyone hates to have to think or talk about. When it comes to a wedding there is no room to clam up and avoid talking finances. A couple must remain open and honest about how much they are planning to spend for their big day. Although this is one of the most important days in both of our lives there is absolutely no need to break the bank! Once we got our budget down I could go back to the fun part of hunting down a venue.   We'll check back in with Ashley later as she continues to plan her wedding! {Lindsey}