The Newest Trend in Cute Wedding Desserts

The Newest Trend in Cute Wedding Desserts. Mobile Image

Oct 25, 2016

Move over French macaroons, its time to go nuts for doughnuts. Thats right, I can declare with almost absolute certainty that the French macaroon has been dethroned as the trendiest wedding dessert. I am ecstatic about this change in the dessert top dog mainly because Im looking forward to enjoying more gourmet doughnuts in the future. Who isnt? And lets be honest, French macaroons are petite and pretty and colorful and all, but when it comes to taste, doughnuts reign supreme.   kelly-clare-alt   This progression to doughnuts seems pretty natural to me. For one thing they can look as pretty and as customized to a wedding theme as a macaroon can. In fact, they look so good that its becoming normal to see doughnuts creating a backdrop to the dessert table. Theyve been attached to walls, theyve been hung on wooden pegs, theyve been stacked into sugary towers. Theyve also been drizzled in colorful frosting, and arranged in ombre order. Youll see them speckled with sprinkles and wrapped in colorful paper boxes.   They are also a lot easier to get than macaroons. Macaroons are notoriously finicky to make and that finickiness often displays itself in a higher price tag and a more limited availability. As with anything associated with a wedding you can find a pricey version out there, but in general, doughnuts wont set you back nearly as much and youll find more places willing to make them. That means youll have lots of options and can find one that fits your taste buds and your budget.   Lastly, the best part about a doughnut on the dessert table is that it checks two important boxes that will mean a lot to your guests: its a great edible favor and a perfect after-party snack. Imagine your guests leaving the wedding with a wax paper bag with a doughnut inside. Do you know what theyll be saying? Best. Wedding. Ever.   {Lindsey}