New Year, New Designers

New Year, New Designers. Mobile Image

Jan 05, 2015

Its a new year and to start it off right we are so pleased to announce we will now be carrying gowns by two world renowned couture designers: Carolina Herrera and Galia Lahav. Their designs are available exclusively to this region at our salon and we couldnt be more excited that we get to show them off in the coming year. Today I will focus on Glaia Lahav and give you a look at some of the dresses we will be getting in to our stock in the coming months.   Navona-B2Navona-Z Tullia-F Fiona-685x1024   Galia Lahav herself was born in Russia and educated in Israel where the design house is now based. She is a student and teacher of art and channels that love into masterpieces of fashion. Each gown is a work of art that also shows off the beauty and artistry of the female form. Looking at these gowns the first thing that comes to mind is va va voom. I mean, look at them. They are gorgeous, they are exquisite, and they are crafted with nothing but the finest materials.   Galia Lahav dresses enjoy quite a reputation at home and abroad, and it isnt hard to see why. The detail is extraordinary, and I really appreciate the attention paid to the back of each gown. It ensures that the exit from the ceremony is as memorable and breathtaking as the entrance to the ceremony. It is good to keep in mind that these gowns are couture and handmade works of art, and that they come with a price that reflects that, but what does money have to do with true love : )   Stay tuned for more on Carolina Herrera. {Lindsey}