A New Way to Wear Sequins

A New Way to Wear Sequins. Mobile Image

Oct 02, 2017

Aside from Mason jars, I'm not sure there is a more pervasive wedding trend than sequin bridesmaid gowns. And as for trends, it's one that has an unusual amount of longevity. Mason jars relinquished their reign long ago, but bridesmaids in sequin gowns don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Perhaps this is because the trend has found new ways to morph and adapt. Sequins are able to stay fresh and new. That's quite a feat in a world of fashion that changes in the time it takes to create a hashtag on Instagram.     The evolution of the sequin bridesmaid gown has brought about new silhouettes, new colors and now new patterns. Bridesmaid designer Sorella Vita is one of the companies leading the way. They perfected a cap sleeve sequin gown with a draped back that basically won weddings, and now they are back for more.  Their newest collection is called Nouveau Sequins and it's inspired by art deco themes. The subtle scallop pattern gives off a Gatsby glow without stealing the show. The gowns are available in a few silhouettes that each come in rose gold, gold, bronze, platinum, crimson, sapphire and onyx.   I love how easily these gowns add depth and texture to a bridal party. As a result you can mix them in with other sequin gowns or even chiffon or satin ones. Theyre a perfect way to make a maid of honor stand out or achieve a more mix and match look. Its all part of creating bridal parties that are as unique and varied as weddings themselves. The subtly is the real key. Full sequins are not for every bride or every party, but a little sparkle goes a long way.   {Lindsey}