New Bridal Trends

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Apr 21, 2016

If you don't work in bridal you probably don't know much about New York Bridal Market and you might not have even known that it was this past weekend. It operates much like New York Fashion Week and it's simply a chance, twice a year, for bridal designers to unveil their latest designs and creations. This past weekend designers were showing off their Fall 2016 looks, and below are few examples of some of the trends we will be seeing more of in the near future. Some trends, like sleeves are carried-over from previous collections, but they have changed and evolved each time. It's always fascinating to see how trends are interpreted and changed and how reactionary design can be.   new bridal trends   Sheer Sheer is still big in bridal and you'll find that a lot of gowns have some element of illusion to them. This allows brides to remain covered and feel secure, but also not feel too stuffy or conservative. It's the best of both worlds and something that modern brides really like.   Back to Back Designers have always emphasized the importance of the back of a bridal gown, but this year more than ever they seem to be trying to make it even better than the front. One way they are achieving this is by making sheer dramatic backs with layered appliques.   Interesting Fabrics This season is all about texture and depth and dimension. Lace is still dominating the runway, but youll see more lace patterns and a combination of laces on a single dress. Lace is also being mixed with other fabrics like tulle or netting to make it more modern and fresh.   Varying Necklines Its not just sweetheart and strapless anymore. This year the necklines are all over the place, from plunging low to riding high the options are a lot better. Off-the-shoulder gowns seem to be having a moment as well and it seems to be the result of trying to incorporate sleeves in more interesting ways. Again, it's about creating a sense of balance and revealing here and covering there.   {Lindsey}