Meet the Newest Martina Liana Gown: Vera

Meet the Newest Martina Liana Gown: Vera

Meet the Newest Martina Liana Gown: Vera. Mobile Image

Aug 22, 2019

We get new gowns in store all the time, and its so much fun to show them off and tell you all about them. I love showing them off because I think its so important that brides can see what we actually carry in store. Thats one of the hardest parts about finding a wedding dress finding it in real life. I mean, anybody can find their dream dress on a Pinterest board. That's easy, but its a whole other hurdle to find it in store, available to try on and buy.

So, because we like to make things easy for our brides, and because I like pretty new dresses too, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our newest Martina Liana gown, Vera.

We give all our wedding dresses names. Its much more personal than a number, much easier to keep track of them, and because well, its kind of fun.

A Boho Ballgown for the Modern Bride

Vera is a boho inspired ballgown with a dramatic plunging neckline, a modern angled bodice, and sheer sides and sheer back. The angled bodice is a great twist on the sweetheart neckline. It gives the gown a little edge. That edginess is balanced perfectly by the lace appliques and the full tulle skirt. The skirt is soft and feminine and you can practically hear it swooshing across the dance floor. It begs to be spun and twirled, and its sure to make every bride feel like a princess. But the good kind of princess.

The layers of tulle skirt and the embellished lace appliques give the dress a lot of depth and dimension and essentially, bang for your buck. You get a lot of wedding dress, but not in an overwhelming way. Some gowns can swallow brides up, but the light and airy quality of every detail ensures that wont happen.

Pulling Just the Right Wedding Dress

Often times when we get new dresses in, we like to have someone on staff try them on. It helps us get a better sense of how the gown looks and what its best features are. A week or so ago I asked one of our front desk staff, Erica, to try on Vera. Shes the perfect dress model, which means she gets asked a lot. She was a little hesitant when I pulled the gown for her, but after she had it on, her face lit up. She twirled, she let the skirt fall in a delicate cloud around her, and she wore the heck out of that dress.

Thats why its so important to try samples on, and why its so important that our consultants know our inventory like the back of their hand. It gives them the power to pull the right dress and watch the magic happen.

Of course, now that youve met Vera, you just might be able to make all that magic yourself. Ask for her by name ;)