Make Your Reception Tables Pop

Make Your Reception Tables Pop. Mobile Image

Sep 24, 2015

There is a new trend in wedding reception d├ęcor that has quietly been making everything from ballrooms to barns more personalized and more impressive: the table runner.   003dbed2-124d-11e4-843f-22000aa61a3e~rs_729   Most caterers or wedding venues will provide plain, usually white tablecloths for the reception, which are fine, but they have more substance than style. Of course to rent of buy your own tablecloths is a big expense and not exactly necessary. That is why the table runner is such a nice middle ground. You can show a little style without breaking the bank.   What is really exciting about them (because I am excited) is that there are a million ways you can make table runners. They can be made from fabric or paper or flowers or burlap or wood or you name it. You can head over to Pinterest and get really complicated or you can keep it simple. You can hand make everything or you can even buy table runners from Target or Ikea for a really nice price.   However you choose to do it you will instantly liven up your reception tables and your reception venue. They pull the room together, they add texture and variety to the table, and they are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors. They can also help when it comes to the centerpieces. They act as a backdrop or canvas that you can build on. This is especially true if you use flowers or garland as your runner. All you have to do is weave in a few votive candles and volia.   So if you are looking for a creative and cost effective way to amp up your reception then you should consider the trendy table runner.     {Lindsey}