Why We Love Watters

Why We Love Watters. Mobile Image

Jul 08, 2014

Full disclosure, I am in fact, a Watters girl. More specifically my wedding gown was a WToo. I love them. We love them. The country certainly loves them. The dresses are fashion forward without pretention. They form a cohesive collection, but still have plenty of variety. They put just enough modern twist on classics to create truly transcendent looks, and they can take two opposing forces like vintage and modern and find the common ground between them. Their bridal gowns are gorgeous, and their bridesmaid dresses get girls excited about wearing them.   Excitement is really the key here. Watters and WToo are all about high-energy excitement. They are about the thrill of romance and the thrill of saying yes. Their Trunk Shows are like parties; they are a whirlwind of dance music and tulle. They are about seizing the moment with a resounding yes. So come share in the excitement this weekend, July 1th- 13th. Bring along your wedding party, take a look at all the new gowns, and find what leaves you a little breathless and a lot in love. wattersblog1 Visit Watters' Website   {Lindsey}