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Feb 17, 2016

Screenshot_2016-02-17-17-08-25_1   I am so happy to share with you a whole bundle of cute bridesmaid dresses that have just arrived from Donna Morgan. Donna Morgan gowns are great for mixing and matching and great for introducing pattern or embellishment to your wedding. Its really easy to build your bridal party around a tone or theme instead of simply around a color or style. In other words, if youre looking for the stuff of Pinterest dreams, you have come to the right place.   Donna Morgan offers floral patterned dresses, lace dresses, crop-top separates and patterned sequin dresses. I love being able to mix patterns and fabrics and any opportunity there is to make your bridal party look like a party and not a team is an opportunity worth taking. Of course you do need some unifiers so that your girls dont look like party guests. So for example, you can get away with four different gowns with different materials and patterns as long as they are near in color or tone. This would be a killer bridal party if they were all pale, neutral colors.   I once read an article about mixing and matching dresses in which a bride advised her girls to dress like they were going to a New Years Eve ball. That has been my favorite description ever for a bridal party, and I am constantly searching for looks that fit that bill. I like that description so much because New Years Eve is essentially what you want your wedding to be: elegant, debonair, joyful, sentimental and a little over-the-top. These gowns give off that perfect glamorous effect and I am so excited to see people come in and try them on.     {Lidnsey}