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Jun 04, 2015

Over the last few weeks we have received a handful of brand new Maggie Sottero stock gowns, and it seems only fair to share these new gowns with all of you. What has always been great about Maggie Sottero is the range and variety of their gowns. Each gown below is strikingly independent of the other, but each gown combines both traditional and modern elements in a way that captivates today's brides. They really understand the need to be fresh and fun and yet still feel like a bride. I love all of these new gowns because I think they show how Maggie Sottero's collection has grown and evolved over the years. They hold true to their femininity, their emphasis on fit and shape, and their sculptural structure, but they have updated their look as sensibilities change. These gowns are refined and edited. They have been stripped down to their essential elements so that nothing seems excessive. Each gown shows restrained craftsmanship. In the first gown the plain bodice is countered by the ruched bottom. In the second gown the bling is offset by the soft gossamer tulle, and in the third gown the lace applique offers modern texture and layering to a relatively simple shape. And finally these gowns really are all about extolling the virtues of the female form. Maggie does the fit and flare like nobody's business, and in the process really puts an emphasis on celebrating curves and femininity. As always, stay tuned for information and updates on new gowns as our extensive stock continues to grow.   3MN770 5MD677-1 5MS694 {Lindsey}