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Jun 25, 2015

This week we again welcome another designer, Justin Alexander, to our salon. The gowns are part of a well-known collection of gowns that are very popular with brides because of their style, quality and price. The gowns also embrace modern aesthetics while staying true to classic looks and vintage inspiration.   justin1   justin2   The collection includes a lot of versatile looks which is apparent by looking at these two stock gowns. The first gown has rich embroidery that gives it an old world charm with a modern plunging neckline while the second gown is sculptural, sleek and sexy. It's with the lace that these gowns clearly thrive. The lace patterns are intricate, layered and full of texture, and they are often paired with other fabrics to create a more modern look. It's also worth noting the way that the embellishments are used with a light touch; the crystals and bead-work don't overwhelm the gowns, but instead enhance them just enough.   {Lindsey}