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Nov 12, 2015

Today I feel like I am writing more of a public service announcement than a blog post about what is new in stock. I feel this way because I am introducing you to a gown that you need to know about; this is for your own good. I know all too well what its like to be scouring the internet and magazines and stores looking for the perfect dress. Its exhausting. Its a tough job, and if you arent in the bridal world it can be hard to get all the information about what really exists.   elodie   Thats where I come in, and thats where this dress, by Willowby (a division of Watters) comes in. I know so many of you are searching for this kind of look. You want something delicate and pretty and hopelessly romantic. Maybe youre looking for an ethereal rustic vibe. Maybe you desperately dont want to go strapless, but sleeves arent your thing either. You want a gown that feels on trend and modern, but one that still makes you feel like a bride. Most importantly you're looking to get carried away by a feeling you can't even describe.   elodie 2   And here is the gown to carry you away. It's got everything. The soft tulle skirt is lovely and feminine and the layers add depth and dimension. The floral appliques on top seem to grow organically out of the bodice up to the illusion neckline in a way that is charming and whimsical. You can dress this gown up with a beaded belt and big crystal earrings or you can adorn it with a flower crown. It works on all ends of the spectrum. This is the breath-of-fresh-air dress. This is the rustling-of-leaves-on-the-forest-floor dress. This is the handwritten-note-on-the-kitchen-counter-signed-xo dress.   And it could be your dress, so say hello.   {Lindsey}