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Sep 17, 2015

Ok world, we just got in a brand new Carolina Herrera stock gown, and I am so excited to show it off. Carolinas gowns are gorgeous and this one is a perfect example of her signature style. Its delicate and romantic, but its also daring. Its fashion-forward, but rooted in the bridal tradition.   CarolinaHighRes   It is first and foremost a showstopper. Its striking from a distance and captivating up-close. The floral and leaf pattern is embroidered onto the gown in a mix of rich colors that add depth and dimension like the layers of paint on a masterpiece. This striking pattern is subdued by the simplicity of the rest of the gown and the romance of the illusion neckline. The whole composition of the gown shows a profound understanding for balance. The pattern is anchored by the shoulder and the hem and offset by the paper-clean fabric opposite of it. The modified sweetheart neckline is just perfect because it shows a restraint that again balances out the gown. This is what it looks like to create gowns that are visions.   Of course as good as this gown looks in a photograph is nothing compared to seeing it in person. We just want to sit around and stare at, but most importantly we want brides to try it on and see what all the fuss is about.   {Lindsey}