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Apr 08, 2015

The stock in our salon is constantly changing as we get new gowns in, and one of the most helpful things we can do for our brides is alert them to what those new gowns are. Finding the perfect gown can take a lot of work, and even if you find your dream gown online it can be difficult to find it in-store. Thats why we are making more of an effort to showcase our new gowns and help brides get to know what is available.   image_scale image_scale-1   To start things off I would like to introduce you to this Augusta Jones gown, Jo. This gown features a scoop neckline, illusion lace sleeves, and a low back with lace applique detail. The long sleeves and high neck give the gown a demure air that make the sheer low back all the more surprising and enticing. The gown is a perfect blend of vintage and modern, of simple and extravagant, and of modest and spunky.   {Lindsey}