Let's Go Floral

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May 08, 2014

91559334 Today is one of the first real true days of spring and in its honor I am bringing you a veritable floral explosion. I have always been a huge fan of pattern, and nothing makes me happier than to see people embracing florals in a way that goes far beyond bouquets and table arrangements. For starters printed bridesmaid gowns are absolutely beautiful and are gaining in popularity. Dont be afraid of them. Dont be afraid of the pattern. Remember that you dont have to overdo it. One or two girls in a print dress next to a few others in solid colors looks spectacular. The next obvious place for floral is on the feet, um, obviously. Floral shoes are so soft and pretty and sweet. They make for such a great surprise under the dress and you can find a great comfortable pair for a great price. Whats even better is right now you can find a pair almost anywhere and you can cross another chore off your list. Lastly, floral accents can also do a lot to not only add color to your reception, but also charm and character. Just think of soft white table linens with bright floral table runners over top, or mismatched floral china. Think of grooms and groomsmen in floral bow ties. What's great about accents is that they do a lot to help set the tone of the wedding. Worried that your spring wedding won't seem "Springy" enough? Grab some napkins with bright flowers and you are done and done. 2253431500_1_1_1296734_503_ss_012701789-p-MULTIVIEWdsw12prod5160033_945_ss_01w2031mtfy_taffy_default_medium2GA111C-m-348x522