The Latest Trends from New York Bridal Market

The Latest Trends from New York Bridal Market. Mobile Image

Oct 11, 2017

Two of our bridal consultants just braved the heavy traffic and the surprisingly sweltering New York heat to bring you all the latest trends from this falls bridal market. They pounded the pavement moving from one showroom to the next to watch the newest bridal and bridesmaid gowns make their way down the runway.   The bi-annual New York Bridal Market is where our consultants and all the other pros in the industry come to see the latest designs. Its also where they go to place their orders and decide what makes it from the runway to the store. Often times they go hoping that designers have created new gowns to fill a certain void. They go hoping that designers have caught up with the current demands of brides.   They also go to see when the designers are ahead of the game and setting rather than following trends. This year they accomplished that with off the shoulder gowns, jackets, and straight across necklines.   Off the Shoulder   For so long it was hard for brides to find gowns that were anything but strapless. In fact, strapless reigned so supreme that often brides looking for a strap had to have one added. Then the pendulum swung the other way and straps and sleeves and v-necks were abundant. Both trends ran their course and resulted in the reemergence of the off-the-shoulder. It makes perfect sense. The off-the-shoulder is really a hybrid between the two trends. It also lets brides show off their gorgeous shoulders and collarbones and still feel a measure of security. The straps are delicate and feminine and showing a little shoulder is always sexy.   Jackets   Modern brides want options, and they want to stand out. They dont always want to look traditional, and they want to be able to add their own personal touch into their bridal gown the same way they would their everyday wardrobe. Jackets give brides all of that and more. They get multiple looks for their day and they get a pop of street style. From bomber jackets to leather jackets to loads of lace there are more options than ever.   Straight Across   I love a good sweetheart neckline. Its a neckline thats classic and flattering. You cant go wrong with it, but the straight across strapless is a bit like a breath of fresh bridal air. Straight across is modern. Its clean and minimalist. Its also a bit of a power move. There is something extra confident about that straight line that says a lot about the brides who choose it. {Lindsey}