What Kind of Watters Bride Are You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

What Kind of Watters Bride Are You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!. Mobile Image

Jul 02, 2018

Our Watters, WToo, and Willowby trunk show is right around the corner.  Were starting to get pretty excited and so should you. We are a Watters Flagship store, and that exclusive title means that we are getting the entire new Fall 2018 collection. All of them. Every single new dress will be here just for you. These dresses arent even online yet let alone in store.   So if you want to shop these exclusive gowns you have to do it here, and you have to do it now.   Thats because were the only store in the region with this awesome perk. Not Philadelphia. Not D.C. Its just us, Betsy Robinsons, and were pretty excited to show them off.   But to make sure you get the absolute best out of your shopping experience we want to arm you with a little designer knowledge. Its time to find out just what kind of Watters bride you are.   Are you strictly a Watters girl? Does WToo hold the secret to your wedding day bliss? Or is Willowby your #goals? Take this quick little questionnaire, and find out which gowns are right for you.     Shop our Watters, WToo & Willowby Trunk Show Friday July 6th through Sunday July 15th. That gives you 2 weekends to find the right gown before they're gone!   {Lindsey}