Keeping Warm at Cold Weather Weddings

Keeping Warm at Cold Weather Weddings. Mobile Image

Dec 19, 2017

I love cold weather, and I love cold weather weddings. It can be a risky move, but there is something really special about a quick outdoor ceremony when its cold outside. I guess its kind of the love will keep us warm sentiment that makes me think of them as particularly happy occasions. Not everyone loves cold weather like I do, but there are some tricks to satisfying everyone in the winter months.   Hot Drinks Beforehand   Its hard to be grumpy about sitting outside when you can sip a cup of hot cocoa. Plus, serving something to your guests before the wedding starts really sets the tone that they are in for an evening of treats. The hot cocoa or hot cider or whatever warm drink you choose will automatically make your guests feel comfy and catered to. There is also something about drinking hot cocoa outside that makes me feel more festive. Its not just for kids, people.   Give a Heads Up and A Throw Blanket As long as guests are prepared in advance that there will be activities outside theyll overall be more comfortable. A simple note on your invitation or a blurb on your wedding website can do wonders. Simply inform them that the ceremony will be outside so please dress accordingly. That means bring a coat, dont leave it in your hotel room. As a nice gesture you can also provide a basket of throws to anyone who forgets or who is particularly prone to being cold. That way you get a cute photo op of the basket and everyone stays warm and happy.   Opt for the Photos Outside Even I admit that you do really have to consider how much cold is too much. If the temperatures dip low or your ceremony is a lengthy one, the outdoors just might not be for you. After all, you dont want your guests wishing that the actual wedding part of your wedding would just end. So if an outdoor ceremony isnt feasible use the outdoors for your photos. You and your fiancĂ© can take time before or after the wedding to pose outdoors and capture all the beautiful scenery. You can get your apple-cheeked photos while your guests stay warm and cozy. And youll feel all the cozier as you are wrapped in each others arms as the shutter clicks.   {Lindsey}