So You Just Got Engaged Now What? Part 3

So You Just Got Engaged Now What? Part 3. Mobile Image

Jan 19, 2017

IMG_20160826_182328   The final major piece to consider as you plan your wedding is of course your bridal gown. I say that its the third thing to do because it is so much easier to pick your gown if you already have a date and a venue. Its not impossible to pick a gown without a date or a venue, but consider how much those two factors may influence your gown choice. The gown you might choose for a rustic barn wedding in June is probably not the same one you would choose for a grand ballroom wedding in December. So lets just say for convenience sake, that you have your date and your venue and you are ready to find your gown. Here are some tips for making your bridal gown shopping trip fun and efficient.   Do Your Research But not too much research. Bridal magazines and websites are helpful when it comes to finding gowns you like, but they can also be overwhelming. You can literally spend days looking at dress after dress and be just as confused as when you started. These same outlets also have a way of creating unattainable expectations because the gowns pictured are either hard to find or way over budget. Still, it is helpful to come in with pictures of a few gowns you really love because chances are even if a salon doesnt have those exact gowns, they have something very similar.   Be Open, But Not Too Open Sometimes its hard to know exactly what you are looking for in a bridal gown because most brides have never worn anything like a bridal gown before. Because of this it is good to come with an open mind and be willing to try on different styles, but its also helpful to have a few rules in place. For example, you might not know what you are looking for in a silhouette, which is totally fine, but you might know that you dont want any lace. Or you might have no opinion on the fabric, but really care about having a low back or a deep V-neckline or some kind of strap. You cant possibly try on every single gown there is, so its ok to have a few disqualifiers to help you narrow your search.   Bring a Good Person I say person because generally the smaller the group you bring, the easier it is going to be, but these days brides love big groups. Thats understandable; shopping for a bridal gown is a milestone experience that is meant to be shared with important people. If you happen to have a lot of important people thats ok, but make sure they are also people who respect your budget, your taste and your vision. That's good advice for no matter the size of your group.   Dont Overthink It Finally, its a good idea not to put too much pressure on yourself about the gown. Remember that finding a partner was the hard part and finding a gown is the easy part. You know your style. You know your budget. No matter what you choose you are going to look beautiful on your big day and you are going to be oh so happy.   {Lindsey}