Isabelle Armstrong is Here

Isabelle Armstrong is Here. Mobile Image

Jul 31, 2015

Again I find myself so pleased to welcome another designer to our growing collection of talented wedding gown designers. This time it is Isabelle Armstrong, a company that prides itself on making every bride feel exceptional as she walks down the aisle. Thats certainly a perfect word for these gowns; they make you stop and look and take exception to them. In fact, some of them can just about take your breath away.   1432835285_Sophia Front   This sample gown is our first piece from Isabelle Armstrong and not only does it appear exceptional, its also exquisite. The fabric, the embroidery and beading, and the fit all give off an air of luxury. Dont you just want to put it on and hear it rustle around you as you walk? I sure do. It makes for a nice reminder of just how much design and hard work and craftsmanship go into a wedding gown. It takes a lot of work to make something look so effortless, so perfect and natural.   We will continue to get more of these gowns in store over the coming weeks and we also will be hosting a trunk show with them in September, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime you can always peruse Isabelle Armstrongs website and see what gowns take your breath away.   Visit the Site.   {Lindsey}