Ice Cream Social

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Jul 21, 2014

I cant believe I missed national ice cream day! There are so many ways I could have celebrated my favorite food on the planet, and instead I let it slip by without even an ode to its deliciousness. So to make up for it today I want to talk about the ways you can incorporate ice cream in your big day because of course, there is more than one way to do it.   DIY_ice-cream_parlour_buffet_bigTips To Make Your Own The Sundae Bar Cake is amazing, yes of course, dont be silly, but a build your own sundae bar? Hands down, way better. If youve got the budget for it then why not go all out and spoil your guests a little? Think of all the toppings possibilities. And think of all the adorable sundae dishes and striped straws and custom printed cone wrappers you can include.   Store-Bought Treats If youve got a local ice cream shop that makes treats or special flavors then coordinate with your caterer and find a way to have them served at the reception. Live in a town with famous ice cream sandwiches? Buy them in bulk and serve them alongside the cake. Win win. It doesnt have to be from a mom and pop shop either. A dilly bar from Dairy Queen? Now were talking. Flintstones push pop? Creamsicles from the grocery store? As long as your caterer has the means to store and serve frozen treats then youre in business.   Alcohol and Ice Cream These days creative bar tenders have found all sorts of ways to mix ice cream and alcohol. Beer milkshakes. Vodka in an array of ice cream flavors. Signature cocktails a la mode. Cheers.   The Ice Cream Truck Want to give your guests a real surprise? Schedule a local or franchised food truck to show up at your reception with pre-paid for ice cream treats. Imagine guests drinking and dancing and having a wonderful time and then all of a sudden theres an announcement to gather outside for the ice cream man. Unforgettable, all thanks to ice cream. ice cream More Adorable Wedding Pics