How to Pick the Perfect Blush Bridesmaids Dresses

How to Pick the Perfect Blush Bridesmaids Dresses. Mobile Image

Mar 06, 2019

Wedding trends come and go pretty quickly in this business, and its always fun to see how one trend morphs into the next. Ive watched as the lace patterns changed from traditional to modern. Ive seen silhouettes shrink to trumpets then expand to ballgowns and shrink again to a sheath gown. I have followed the trajectory of the Mason jar with rapt attention. And that switch from marquee letters to neon signs? Riveting.   There are enough shifts in trends to make you realize that the only constant is change. But I would argue that the other constant is blush.   Blush seems to stand the test of time no matter what challenges it faces. No matter how weddings and wedding trends change, blush remains ever popular.   Its not hard to see why. Blush is soft, airy, and romantic. It stands out next to white and ivory gowns, but it doesnt overwhelm them. Blush is great for flowers, accent details, and of course, bridesmaid dresses.   The tricky part is picking the right shade of blush for your bridesmaids. Yes, there is more than one shade of blush to choose from. In fact, every designer we carry has their own unique version of blush just as every bride has hers.   The key to picking the right blush dresses is to first understand that each designer is different. You have to line up your vision of blush with the right designer. But you also have to be mindful of styles. If a designer has limited styles that come in blush, or if you dont like the styles, then it doesnt matter that the color is perfect.   Bill Levkoffs blush color isnt even called blush. Its called Petal Pink. Its a little more vibrant than some of the other blushes. Brides like it because Bill Levkoff has so many dress options that come in Petal Pink, but they also like that it airs more on the pink and less on the beige side of blush.     If youre looking for a Blush with a little more beige in it, you might like Sorella Vitas Blush. Its more muted than some of the other blushes, but you still get lots of style options to choose from.     Sorella Vita also just introduced a new color called Rosewater thats perfect if youre looking for more of a white pink. Its a super pale pink as if the designer added just a drop of dye to the fabric. If youre looking for a blush thats pale and almost neutral, this new color is perfect for you.     Finding the perfect shade of any color can be difficult, but blush always seems to be the hardest. Hopefully these tips and examples will make picking your dresses easy and fun.   {Lindsey}