The Hottest New Trends from New York Bridal Market

The Hottest New Trends from New York Bridal Market. Mobile Image

Apr 27, 2017

Betsy and some of the team have just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York Bridal Market, and there is so much to share with you. New York Bridal Market is a big deal for the world of bridal, but something that most of you have never heard of before. This mega-bridal fashion event held twice a year is essentially where all the biggest names in bridal as well as the aspiring start-ups showcase their newest gowns and accessories and give salons a chance to find their newest stock pieces. Its a week full of runway shows, couture gowns and trendsetters for the coming year. Betsy always comes back with a million pictures, stories and observations about what the next big thing will be. Here are just a few of the trends that emerged from the week.     Bows Bows and bridal gowns have gone together since practically the beginning of time, but sometimes their presence is felt more than others. This is definitely the year that the bow is back in a big way. Its the perfect feminine touch that can add equal parts sweetness and drama to a gown. Bows appeared big and small on the fronts, the sides and the backs of gowns. This year brought us crystal bows and silk bows and bows with long trailing trains. In every case they made for a perfectly balanced detail, and one we are eager to see more of.     Detachable Skirts Bridal gowns are big on drama and theater and nothing is more theatrical than a quick costume change. Detachable skirts, which were everywhere this market, fulfill that magicians-like flare for a gown that is more than it appears. Not only is it dramatic to have a skirt that detaches and transforms the gown into something entirely different, its also plainly economical. Who can say no to two gowns in one? The abundance of detachable overskirts satisfies the desire of many brides to have different looks for the ceremony and the reception without having to buy two entire dresses. Its a great response to the needs and wants of the modern bride and Im sure well only be seeing more of these kinds of innovations in the future.       Capes Capes have been around for a few years on the fringe of bridal and they are slowly making their way to center stage. Just like with detachable skirts their purpose is two-fold; they supply a dramatic style element and provide multiple looks for one gown. Capes, and capelettes are also a great option for a bride who wants a little more coverage, but isnt looking for sleeves. As for the dramatic element capes are still unexpected and daring. They are perfect for brides who are themselves trendsetters, which in fashion is always a compliment. For more from New York Bridal Market, be sure to check out all the amazing pics on our Instagram Feed.   {Lindsey}