Where to Find the New Pronovias Bridal Gowns

Where to Find the New Pronovias Bridal Gowns

Where to Find the New Pronovias Bridal Gowns. Mobile Image

Jul 08, 2019

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a hunt. Whether you spend your time scrolling through designer webpages or sifting through racks of dresses in store, you are hunting. To find the perfect dress you must always be on the prowl for it, and you can be out prowling for quite a long time.

And it isnt simply finding a dress you like thats hard. Quite often its hard to find out how much a dress costs or where you can try it on or how you can buy it. In some ways the internet has made hunting for a dress even harder. How many times have you fallen in love with a pin in a Pinterest page only to have it lead to a dead-end? How many Google image searches have returned zero results for that off the-shoulder beaded beatify youve been dreaming about, for instance?

Go From Internet Crush to Yes to the Dress

Just because the internet ignites the dream, doesnt mean it can fulfill the promise. Designers websites are also woefully unhelpful at times. Its hard to find pricing information and its hard to find what store carries the precise gown youre looking for.

I see the frustration these issues cause time and time again, but thats why Im excited to show you a good selection of the gowns well be getting in from Pronovias for our trunk show this weekend.

This isnt just a tiny glimpse of a single gown from five angles. I want brides to have a real idea of what well be available this weekend. Lets make the hunt less cat and mouse and more transparent.

Brides have already been calling for weeks about the Pronovias Trunk Show and its no wonder theyre so interested. Pronovias is one of the top wedding dress designers in the business, but their stunning wedding dresses arent in every store.  Their gowns are sleek, romantic and exquisitely made. They weave modern drama with traditional laces and fabrics.

You'll notice on all of these gowns that the fit is phenomenal. They have structure that celebrates delicate curves and bold lines. They do sheath silhouettes just as well as they do dramatic mermaids and everything in between.

Many of their gowns use a mix of fabrics and they have a special affinity for crepe. You'll see a lot of crepe skirts from Pronovias and you can start to appreciate how it really hugs the body. Crepe looks and feels luxurious and it pairs well with lace accents.

I'm also a big fan of all the small touches and intricate details that help bring these gowns to life like the eyelash lace on the cap sleeves or the covered buttons down the back or the illusion lace on the sides of an open back. Small details make big differences and they ensure that brides look beautiful at any distance.

I spend a lot of time looking at wedding dresses and at a certain point they begin to run together, but Pronovias has a way of editing out the bridal noise. Their looks are refined. They edit out the trendy and rely on instincts and a timeless elegance.

I'm sitting up straighter just typing about them.

Of course, to truly appreciate these gowns you need to come see them in person, so be sure to make your appointment for this weekend!