In Honor of Mother's Day

In Honor of Mother's Day. Mobile Image

May 11, 2018

Theres nothing to make you think about your mom quite like buying a bridal gown. Mothers play a big role in weddings and in bridal gown shopping. We keenly feel the presence of mothers, and we also feel their absence. Sometimes moms are only present in a pause, or a moment of reflection, and sometimes moms make their way here over text messages and through face-time.   Around here we see friends and aunts and future mothers-in-law that offer the love and support of a mother. We see proud faces, wide smiles, and lots and lots of happy tears. We see the village that it took to raise a bride, and we see their joy as she prepares for the big day.   Yes, moms play a big role around here, but they go by many names, and they show support in many ways. We celebrate these relationships all the time. Almost daily, we witness happy moms and daughters sharing this meaningful experience together.   But it isn't just the moments in the salon we get to be a part of. We also get to see a lot of wedding photos. We see the tender moments captured in black and white before the bride walks down the aisle. All the little moments, like buttons being buttoned and lipstick getting touched up. We see the quick hug, and the squeeze of a hand. Photos capture all those knowing glances and those whispered I love yous.   What we dont see, and what cant ever be truly captured is the work that it took to get to those moments. We dont see the late nights, the years of advice, the weeknight dinners, or the birthdays. There aren't photos of the Band-Aids, the car rides, the failures and the triumphs, and the report cards.   All we have is the sum total of those efforts. All we have are our beautiful brides and the strong and wonderful women who helped them to stand with such poise and confidence and say, "Yes."   We are grateful to those wonderful women, and we wish them the happiest of Mother's Days.   {Lindsey}