Here's What's New in Bridesmaids

Here's What's New in Bridesmaids

Here's What's New in Bridesmaids. Mobile Image

Jun 10, 2021

Its been quite a year for our brides, but its been a real roller-coaster for bridesmaids too. Order the dress? Dont order the dress? The wedding is on? Its not on? Oh, its back on! So many switches and changes in plans, but finally, as we emerge out of this chaotic time, were back to focusing on those, I dos.   For many of our brides and their bridal parties, that means finally picking out bridesmaid dresses. Luckily, we have lots of new dresses to choose from and were up on all the latest wedding party trends. From velvet to sparkle to rich colors, we have everything to get your bridesmaids down the aisle in style. Finally.  

The New Metallics

  I love sequins. I mean, I really love them, but its nice to see bridesmaids sparkle in a different way. Both Hayley Paige and Watters are offering several metallic styles that add sparkle, shine, and even a little stretch to the bridesmaid dress game.   The styles and colors are more limited than with other fabrics, but theres still plenty to fall in love with. For starters, all of these gowns are incredibly comfortable. You get the fit and look of an evening gown, but you can dance, sit and eat freely. Plus, the sparkle on these gowns is softer, more subtle. That way bridesmaids can still light up the room without stealing the spotlight.    


Va Va Voom Velvet

  Just before the pandemic hit, we were all starting to go crazy over velvet. Our brides were asking for velvet gowns and velvet bridesmaid dresses. I, myself, bought a velvet blazer. It took designers a while to catch up with the trend, but theyve delivered some seriously gorgeous styles that mix trendy with timeless. Watters has a particularly wide assortment of curve-hugging stretch velvet gowns in rich jewel tones.   What is really important to note about these velvet dresses is that again, they have comfortable stretch. That's because they are made from a lighter weight blend, so bridesmaids can move in them in any season.    

Rich Tones

  Perhaps the most important thing to know about bridesmaid dresses is what colors they come in. There's no point in falling in love with a dress that doesn't have the perfect shade for your wedding, so it's nice to see designers expanding their color offerings. This season that looks like embracing a deeper, richer color palette. Rust, goldenrod, sangria, terracotta. These are just some of the shades that are popping up on Pinterest boards and salon racks.   The deeper colors are easy for everyone to wear, and they add a lush element to the bridal party. Jewel tones give an immediate elegance and they photograph so well. They allow bouquets to pop, and the compliment any theme or venue.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Find Your Look Today

  We are so happy to be able to offer our brides and bridesmaids all the latest trends. It also feels pretty good to get a little of the bridal hustle and bustle back. Things aren't totally normal, but the bridesmaid hallway is getting busier, and it's getting filled with yeses. So make your appointment today to find the best looks for your besties.   {Lindsey}