Here's Where to Find Hayley Paige's Liquid Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

Here's Where to Find Hayley Paige's Liquid Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses

Here's Where to Find Hayley Paige's Liquid Metallic Bridesmaids Dresses. Mobile Image

Aug 29, 2019

Im so excited to share these new Hayley Paige bridesmaids dresses with you that I have cut way down on my usual lead-up. In a typical post Id probably give you a paragraph or two about the hardships of picking bridesmaids dresses. Then I would talk about seeing various trends come and go, and then I would give you a rundown on the most popular colors and materials today. Only after all of that would I dive into exploring these brand new gowns.

But this time I truly cant contain my excitement. I know, I know, after all these years, I still get excited about bridesmaids dresses. Crazy, right? Thats because the Hayley Paige Liquid Metallic dresses are different.  As soon as we unboxed them and took each one out of its cellophane wrapping, I could tell they would be a big hit.

Stand Out in Metallics

For one thing, they solve a big problem for a lot of brides: what do you do if you want dresses that sparkle, but you dont want sequins? This conundrum has come up countless times when I meet with brides. Sequin dresses are great, but they arent for everyone. For a long time though, sequins were the only option for some kind of sparkle or embellishment. These dresses shine like sequins and catch the light like sequins and instantly elevate the mood of the wedding, but its quite refreshing that they are not sequins.

Ok, so these dresses are an updated take on sequins, thats great, but what else can they offer? Thanks for asking! They stretch. Both the metallic overlay and the lining have a nice amount of stretch, which makes the dresses easy and comfortable to wear. I mean think of all the things that bridesmaids have to do throughout the day. From arranging centerpieces to tying bustles to busting a move on the dance floor, those ladies have to do a lot of moving and grooving and these dresses can keep up.

Right now the liquid metallic is only available in a few styles, but the silhouettes are simple and flattering. Even with limited styles there is something for everyone.

If there is one drawback, its that these dresses only come in three colors: gold, dusty rose/silver, and black. Its a bit of a wrench in an otherwise perfect plan, but honestly, maybe not. I say that because the three colors are beautiful. The gold is classic, the dusty rose/silver has a really amazing color changing effect, and the black is timeless and elegant. Sure, theres no blush or burgundy, but with a little imagination I think there is room to tweak your color scheme and still capture your overall vision.

Like so many other bridesmaids dresses you can dress them up or dress them down, and dare I say that you can even wear them again?