Happy Pride Month from Betsy Robinson's

Happy Pride Month from Betsy Robinson's

Happy Pride Month from Betsy Robinson's. Mobile Image

Jun 13, 2019

Were pretty into brides here. Its kind of our thing. We could not exist without our brides, and we are lucky to represent a wonderfully diverse group of women as varied as the gowns that stock our racks.

Were also pretty into love and we believe you can never use the heart emoji too much.

Can you love, love? Well, we do!

On crazy busy Saturdays when our appointments run back-to-back with no time to so much as drink a sip of water, we have to remind ourselves what that really means. It means that the world is full of people in love.

A World in Love

And more specifically it means that the world is full of people who have found their person. Thats something we think is worth celebrating whomever that person happens to be. This month in particular, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our couples that fall under the many facets (and many colors) of the LGBTQ rainbow.

Photos: Anthony Sekellick

In all of these photos what we see, what I see, first and foremost, is people who have found their person. These gorgeous brides are beaming with love and happiness. However you label it, and however you dress it, these brides are stunning from head to toe.

I mean, who doesnt love a photo that captures pure joy? We all know it when we see it. Its a deep down happiness thats infectious. Their smiles make us smile, and its a welcome reminder that we all share this world together. We live to be loved and to love others and one another.

So as we show our support this Pride month I think about what makes us proud. We are proud to help these brides find their wedding dresses. We are proud to create an environment that is open, friendly and welcoming to all. We are proud that we continue to learn and grow.

As a team we work hard to be inclusive, and when I look at these couples I'm reminded of why that's important. I would tell you why, but I think it's pretty clear.