Happy Mother's Day: Moms, Gowns & Emotions

Happy Mother's Day: Moms, Gowns & Emotions

Happy Mother's Day: Moms, Gowns & Emotions. Mobile Image

May 09, 2019

Mothers Day is right around the corner, and while Im just now making a mental note to get a few cards in the mail, Im also thinking about our connection to mothers here. We deal with mothers here, a lot.

Like, a whole lot. In every step of the process and in all sides of the salon, you will find mothers. They come to pick bridal gowns, hold signs, and cry tears of joy tinged with a shes still my little girl sadness. We see mothers in all their forms.  There are future mothers and future mother-in-laws. We meet aunts and friends and lots of strong and wonderful ladies who are mothers in everything but name.

Celebrating Mom

Each and every day we feel the presence of mothers, and sometimes, the absence of them. Either way we are connected to mothers here in a very unique way.

Many mothers buy the wedding dress, but the connection is more than that. Its more than who pays the bill. The connection is about who needs to be there. I couldnt say yes without my mom in tow and many brides feel the same way.

In years past I have written lengthy blogs in praise of all the mothers and mother figures who have made their way through our doors. I have shared slide shows and stories from real brides and their moms.

I have even talked about my own mother and how wonderfully amazing she is (as much as words can convey this).

But this year struck me as the perfect time to talk about Betsy herself. Betsy has 2 daughters, but the other day someone joked that she had many more than that. The joke was that she is like a mother to many of us who work here.

Celebrating Betsy

We often consider ourselves a little bridal family, so the comparison makes sense.  She cares about the people who work for her. Betsy always asks after spouses and family members. She looks after our health and asks us about our weekends and vacations. If we need advice, shes got it and probably a story to go with it.

Betsy is also a role model. Plain and simple. Who wouldnt look up to her? Shes successful and stylish and she can make a pretty strong cocktail.

She also reminds us not to bite our nails.

And after more than 40 years of selling bridal gowns, she can still look at a gown with the eye of a mother. When Betsy sees a bride shopping for a dress she approaches it the way a mother would. Its a pretty simple formal: moms want their daughters to be happy.

Betsy strives for this everyday. Together we work to make happy brides who are ready to embark on an incredible journey that may one day lead full circle. It kind of makes you think that buying a dress is a little more than buying a dress, and I would have to agree.

And so heres wishing my own mother & Betsy & all of you, a very happy Mothers Day!