Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. Mobile Image

May 03, 2021

I have written at length about how important mothers are here in the salon. They are an integral part of shopping for a bridal gown, and whether they are in the store or not, their presence is always keenly felt. Sometimes it's through a text message, or facetime, or through the ink on a bride's arm, but mothers are always here with us.    Around here we get to see expectant mothers, brand new mothers, and soon to be mothers-in-law. We see generations of mothers all together helping to make that very important bridal gown decision. They come with their signs, their hearts on their sleeves, and a healthy amount of opinions. We see aunts and neighbors and family friends that have everything short of the title. Through all of these women we see the long line of love and tradition and family.     And with all those special women come a lot of happy tears. We have the pleasure of witnessing over and over again that moment when a girl transforms into a bride and grows up right before her mothers eyes. Its a bittersweet moment, and we get a little choked up sometimes too. Youll note the abundance of decorative tissue boxes strategically placed throughout the store.   So this year, as in years past, we close our doors on Mothers Day to give everyone, our staff included, the opportunity to go celebrate and to be celebrated. We recognize that some pretty important moments take place between mother and daughter in our space, but we think, well, I certainly think, that some important moments happen over brunch with a mimosa.   And although we may be closed on Sunday, we are happy to announce that we have expanded the guest count for all appointments to 3 people. That means it is easier to include all the special people in a brides life and still leave room for mom. And the tissues.   {Lindsey}