Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. Mobile Image

May 08, 2016

Happy Mothers Day everybody! I hope you remembered to pop a few cards in the mail for all the special moms in your life. My own (ahem, handmade) card is on its way to my mom along with a homemade gift, but I have doubts that everything will arrive on time. Holidays on Sundays really mess with my snail mail.   Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 10.17.24 AM   So just to hedge my bets I thought Id share with all of you what I did in honor of my mom. Im something of an amateur midnight oil-burning baker, and Ive spent the last few months perfecting my royal icing techniques. To be honest, and to throw all modesty aside, I have to tell you that these little guys taste Amazing and that capital A is with a purpose. But thats not the only reason that I sent a box of them to my mom.   I did it because they represent all the wonderful things my mom has taught me. First and foremost to be creative. She taught me to make things. She taught me how to level off a scoop of flour and how to doodle and scribble and make things for the sake of making them. She taught me that if something you need doesnt exist you have to find a way to make it. She has also taught me to be thoughtful and try to be kind. She taught me to stay busy and work hard and send real letters and cards in the mail. She takes no credit for these lessons and seems to think I became who I am independent of her, which is such a mom thing to think.   But what better day to think like a mom than on Mother's Day. So to all the mothers out there who shaped all of you, who taught all of you big lessons and small lessons go out and celebrate today. Be thoughtful and kind just like they taught you to be.   Thanks mom(s).   {Lindsey}