Happy Anniversary Will & Kate

Happy Anniversary Will & Kate. Mobile Image

Apr 29, 2015

kate-middleton--z   Four years ago today Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot. Yes, it has been four years since that grand, extravagant procession captivated a city, a nation and a globe. All across this country groups gathered together at all hours of the night and early morning to watch the events live and eat replica wedding cakes. Our own staff gathered together for a royal slumber party dressed in their finest silk pajamas.   The wedding did not disappoint. It was as full of splendor and opulence and excess as we were all secretly hoping it would be. Kate looked stunning in her modest lace gown and years later brides are still looking to capture her timeless look. It is no coincidence that wedding gowns with sleeves have made such a comeback. And it is no coincidence that lace is once again so sought after.   In the years since the Royal Wedding our obsession and the worlds obsession with the couple has only seemed to gain momentum. With each major announcement, each birth, each photo op, each visit to the United States, we find ourselves more and more invested in their story.   As the birth of their second child looms ever nearer fans have already started to gather outside the hospital wing hoping to be the first to know. I dont think there are any more slumber parties planned, but we will certainly be waiting for the happy announcement.   {Lindsey}