Your Guide to Wedding Season

Your Guide to Wedding Season. Mobile Image

Jun 01, 2016

Weve made it past Memorial Day weekend and finally, finally the weather has warmed up and is starting to cooperate. We may have missed out on an official spring, but at least its not cold and rainy anymore. Fingers crossed this means that summer is coming and you know what summer means, dont you? Summer means weddings.   The Save-the-Dates are already plastered all over your fridge and the RSVP cards are starting to roll in. Wedding season is upon us and to make it all the way through youve got to show up prepared. Thats why I here with your summer wedding survival guide.   Barbara Ann Surfs up dudes! Its time to shake up the typical wedding playlist with the perfect Beach Boys song thats sure to make you want to leave the other wallflowers behind and hit the dance floor. So when the DJ starts to take requests hit em with this classic and rejuvenate your dance moves in one easy step.   Mojitos After all that over joyous dancing you need a light refreshing drink, so sidle up to the bar and order yourself a mojito. Its my go-to summer drink because its the perfect blend of mint and citrus and it instantly makes you feel cool and comfortable and kind of like you might be sitting on a beach somewhere under a giant umbrella.   [caption id="attachment_3179" align="aligncenter" width="300"]copper-cocktail-shaker-o Pottery Barn[/caption] A Good Go-To Gift Rose gold and copper colored accessories are super popular and thanks to the cocktail the Moscow Mule, copper drink ware is the perfect gift for the trendy couple. I love this copper shaker because its a practical gift, its pretty and its something that most couples probably wouldnt buy for themselves. Fancy, pretty and fun? Im in.   [caption id="attachment_3180" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]B7677_BL6138_m J Crew[/caption] A Versatile Outfit No one wants to wear the same thing to every wedding, but between hotels, travel and gifts, you can end up shelling out a lot of money during wedding season. Thats why its good to have an outfit that you can tweak and wear again. This dress is a great example. Its a blank canvas with a modern fit, a little bit of structure, and it won't make you look like a bridesmaid. You can add a statement necklace, a belt, a shawl, or a cropped cardigan and easily up-cycle your look from wedding to wedding.   Armed with these suggestions you're sure to have get through wedding season like a pro.   {Lindsey}