Guide to Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Gowns at Betsy Robinsons

Guide to Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Gowns at Betsy Robinsons. Mobile Image

Feb 22, 2017

One of the trickiest parts about planning a wedding can be picking what the bridesmaids are going to wear. It doesnt sound tricky at first, but the more you think about it (and you will think about it a lot) the harder it becomes. It sort of makes sense though because you are responsible for picking what other people, people that you love and care about, are going to have to wear. For most of us its hard enough to pick our own clothes, but to decide what someone else should wear and still feel good is a lot of pressure.   The aim of picking gowns that makes your girls feel good is perhaps what makes bridesmaid dress shopping so rife with obstacle; you want to pick gowns that make your girls feel good because you love them, but you also still want things the way you want them. You want to find the perfect balance between their choices and your control. The contemporary solution to achieve this goal has been to allow bridesmaids to choose their own dress and create a bridal party that is less uniform.   I love that idea. Mixing styles and colors and materials can have a really lovely effect. I love building a party around a range of colors or a theme or a pattern. I love creating a look that is unique to each bride and each wedding. I love it, but it can be hard to do. Its not uncommon for a bride to come in with a particular vision for her party and wind up getting frustrated with the conceptualization. To avoid having a bridal party meltdown, follow some of these tips for mixing and matching our gowns.   IMG_20170217_132357_885   If You Want Different Colors If you want different dresses that are all different colors, be it shades or tones or totally different colors, then you can choose from any of our designers. For example, one dress can be a Bill Levkoff in victorian lilac, and another dress can be a Sorella Vita in aubergine, and a third can be a Watters in lavender. Since you dont have to worry about colors matching your girls have more freedom to simply find the gown they love from our whole selection.   If You Want Different Dresses in the Same Color If you want different dresses all in the same color then I recommend choosing gowns from only one designer. This is also very easy to do, and it will still give your girls plenty of style options. Any given designer will have strapless options and v-neck options and one-shoulder options and so forth that will all look cohesive together. I recommend staying in one designer for this option because even though every designer has say a dark shade of purple, each shade is different, but only slightly. That means that a Bill Levkoff plum and a Sorella Vita aubergine next to each other might look like you made a mistake.   If You Want to Mix in Sequins If you want to mix in sequins, which are super popular these days, there are a few easy ways to do it. Sequin gowns generally come in very limited colors that are usually metallic, like gold or rose gold. If you want to mix in sequins, depending on what your core color is, you might have to choose a contrasting color. For example, we dont have sequins that come in royal blue, but you could pair royal blue chiffon dresses with a few gold or navy ones. We also have gowns that are a mix of sequins and tulle or chiffon. Choosing a hybrid gown is a good way of incorporating just a touch of metallic in your party.   If You Want to Recreate Something You Found on Pinterest If you want to recreate something you found on Pinterest thats fantastic. Pinterest is an incredible place for inspiration and ideas. But it can create unrealistic expectations. The way to combat this is to use those images as they are intended, as inspiration rather than a blueprint. It also helps to do research. Try to find out who are the designers of the gowns in the photo. Whats the price point for those gowns? Which nearby salons carry the brand? Doing a little Pinterest detective work will make things all the easier once you start shopping.   {Lindsey}